A crochet creation

Lynne Glazzard handed us our first crochet sandwich, just in time to add to our pic-knit launch day display.  Thank you Lynne!

P.S. I have a super pattern for a crochet sandwich, if you or anyone else would care to try it out?


Lynne's very posh looking bacon and watercress sandwich - delicious!


2 responses to “A crochet creation”

  1. Kristina Smalts says :

    I can’t believe how real the bacon looks. Great job. I was looking for a crochet sandwich pattern when I came across this. Wow is all I have to say!

    • greatsandwichpicknit says :

      Hi Kristina! Thanks for your interest in our project. There is a great crochet sandwich pattern at thecraftfrog.blogspot.com. Or if you prefer, we can post you a hardcopy pattern book of sarnies, just email your details to cookmuseum@tiscali.co.uk. Be sure to send us a pic of your own crochet creation! Best wishes from The Great sandwich Pic-Knit!

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