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Under the Sea!

Saturday’s “How to Knit an Octopus” workshop made for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of creative crustaceans and sensational cephalopods.  With her inspirational designs and incredible skill, Janina Emery helped us to think beyond traditional pattern-following and create our own sea creatures from the depths of our imaginations!  Aelfleda, Frances and Barbara all made a cracking start to their octopi, whilst Christiane designed a sophisticated oyster (we look forward to seeing the satin trim) and Billy plumped for a fearsome looking crab with giant claws, with a little help from younger sister Trinny and mum Sally.  Thank you to everyone who took part – please show us your finished creations, we look forward to seeing you next time!  A huge thank you to Janina Emery and Sophie Forgan for all their help on the day.

The knitters hard at work.

The knitters hard at work.

Trinny discovers a novel use for a knitted octopus!

Janina's creations.

Janina's creations will be up for grabs at the end of the project!


Billy's finished crab!


“How to Knit an Octopus” Museum Workshop – Sat 14th April, 2 – 4pm

Anyone who came to our ‘Great Sandwich Pic-Knit’ launch event last year is sure to remember those crazy crustaceans created by Janina Emery.  We liked her knitted octopi so much that we asked if she would give a workshop at the museum so we too can learn the secret of making her incredible cephalopods!  The workshop is open to all ages and abilities – Janina will talk us through each stage of the process and all your patterns, wool and needles will be provided on the day.   Places are limited to please call us to book – 01947 601900.  This is a free workshop  included with the standard museum entry fee – see for details.

Learn how to make your own knitted octopus!

Crazy crustaceans created by Janina Emery.

Event Poster!

Fisherman’s Buttie

Ever wondered what a Whitby fisherman takes for his pack-up?  Now you know, thanks to Eileen Shone’s incredible fisherman’s buttie. 3 mournful mackerel, caught from Whitby’s West Pier, are served up in a sea-sprayed gansey jumper,  garnished with an anchor motif and seasoned with just a smidgen of horseradish sauce.  It doesn’t get fresher than that – thank you Eileen!

Fisherman's Buttie by Eileen Shone