Under the Sea!

Saturday’s “How to Knit an Octopus” workshop made for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of creative crustaceans and sensational cephalopods.  With her inspirational designs and incredible skill, Janina Emery helped us to think beyond traditional pattern-following and create our own sea creatures from the depths of our imaginations!  Aelfleda, Frances and Barbara all made a cracking start to their octopi, whilst Christiane designed a sophisticated oyster (we look forward to seeing the satin trim) and Billy plumped for a fearsome looking crab with giant claws, with a little help from younger sister Trinny and mum Sally.  Thank you to everyone who took part – please show us your finished creations, we look forward to seeing you next time!  A huge thank you to Janina Emery and Sophie Forgan for all their help on the day.

The knitters hard at work.

The knitters hard at work.

Trinny discovers a novel use for a knitted octopus!

Janina's creations.

Janina's creations will be up for grabs at the end of the project!


Billy's finished crab!


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