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7 questions on sandwiches….

The BBC have put together a nifty little quiz to see how clued-up we all are when it comes to the nation’s favourite snack.  The Great Sandwich PicKnit scored an impressive ‘Upper Crust’, naturally!  It’s all in aid of British Sandwich Week. Let us know how you score!


Happy British Sandwich Week!

The British Sandwich Association have recognised that the Sandwich is 250 years old this year, John Montagu, the 4th earl of Sandwich, having supposedly started the trend in 1762.  This week, 13th-19th May is the elected week for sandwich appreciation – so why not do your bit and knit us  a sarnie in honor of Lord Sandwich?!  See the British sandwich association’s website ( for recipe ideas, sandwich history, and some tasty trivia – did you know that there are places all over the world which share the namesake of the humble snack, including towns in Kent, Massachusetts, and of course the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) named by our very own Captain Cook!