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Gully made by Philly

As the project finale day draws ever closer you knitters are really pulling out all the stops!  Just look at this incredible creation, fondly named Gully, knitted by Philly Collings of Leeds (with a little help from Simon Burgess and his Blue-Peter Badge worthy crafting skills). Gully looked very much at home in the museum courtyard earlier and delighted with his own juicy hamburger sandwich.  A huge thank you to both Philly and Simon, we look forward to seeing you in September when we will return the well-fed Gully to his rightful owners.

‘Gully’ by Philly Collings and Simon A. Burgess




Knitted sardines on toast

Following her wonderfully successful knitting workshops, Angela Knipe has given the project her very own knitted sardines on toast and cucumber sandwich – thank you Angela!  We are delighted that Angela is able to join us for the sandwich finale day on Saturday 15th September, hope to see you all there too!

Knitted sardines on toast and cucumber sandwich by Angela Knipe.

Fire up the BBQ!

Julie Anderson has really impressed us with her knitted prawn skewer.  Julie attended our knitted prawn workshop with Angela Knipe back in July.  She went home to Bristol feeling inspired enough to knit us these amazing prawns and a fishing net full of langoustine to boot! If you’d like to see Julie’s langoustine, pop along to the museum on Saturday 15th September when we will reveal all!

King Prawn Skewer by Mrs Julie Anderson


Egg, lettuce and beetroot on rye

My, my, beetroot is certainly a popular sandwich filling with all you knitters out there – perhaps it’s the vibrant colour? Here’s another super example – an egg, lettuce and beetroot on rye by Maureen Bunting from Suffolk. Maureen had originally opted for tomato but her grandchildren advised that it looked more like beetroot! Thank you Maureen, and good luck for the competition!

Egg, lettuce and beetroot on rye by Maureen Bunting.

Knit-a-Fish Part 2

It was lovely to see some new faces at the second of Angela Knipe’s ‘Knit-a-Fish’ workshops on Saturday. A warm thank you to Angela for her inspirational knitted designs and jewellery making techniques, and thank you to everyone who came and conquered knitted sardines!

Jemima from london knitted this fab flat sardine – be sure to send us a pic when you finish the toast!


Jan visiting from Wiltshire made this fab fishy character which she then turned into a knitted necklace!


Fresh Organic Chicken Sarnie

Here at the Great Sandwich Pic-Knit, we like our knitting with a sense of humour and this ‘fresh organic chicken sarnie’ certainly fits the bill! Well done and thank you to Jeannie Bishop from Leyburn in North Yorkshire for this creation!

The competition is hotting up – you’ve got until Saturday 15th September to complete your sarnie!

Fresh Organic Chicken Sarnie by Jeannie Bishop.

Fresh sandwiches revealed!

The competition is hotting up as this morning we revealed two new displays showcasing some of the best entries we’ve had so far.  Need inspiration? Pop down to the Captain Cook Memorial Museum and take a peek in the ‘Ends of the Earth’ Room. Need instruction?  Join us this Saturday for the second ‘Knit-a-Fish’ workshop with Angela Knipe.  See you there!