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Hello, Bonjour, Ciao, Guten Tag, Hola!

Hi everyone! My names Grace and in January I replaced Holly, whose joined the Scarborough Museums Trust.  I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing her luck (not that she needs it) and success in her new role.

I’ve spent my time since then, getting to grips with all the things Holly (and many of you!) had been up to, and the various bits of work still to be done, as part of the Fish&Ships project. We are also busy planning some events to complement the new exhibition, (Oceans Apart – Canoes of the Pacific , now open!) which I will advertise on here very soon…

Holly mentioned in her last post that she hoped your wonderful knitted creations would go on tour this year and I can tell you that her hopes have come true! The exhibition will be on display at the Treasure House Museum, Beverley from 3rd April – June (

The display at the Treasure House  will be in their Café Case which is a small display area, not surprisingly right near the café – a perfect home for our sandwiches don’t you think?!

This does mean that the case is not the biggest one ever, so unfortunately not all of your creations will be able to go on display. We haven’t decided yet which ones will go on display – they are all so good I can’t pick!

Sophie and myself will be installing the exhibition and I hope to take some photographs to post on here afterwards.

And again, if you know a museum in your area which might be interested then please let us know.  Just call 01947 601900 or email and speak to Pete or Myself.