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3 more pretty sea-creatures

The museum will be a veritable aquarium tomorrow with all these wonderful sea-creatures! Roger K Newton has been at it again with his crochet hook, creating this exquisite trio of conche shell, coral and oyster! Thank you again Roger, good luck for the competition!

Trio of sea-creatures: conche shell, coral and oyster by Roger K Newton.



Giant Green Octopus

Back in April, the Great Sandwich PicKnit ran a jolly workshop called ‘How to Knit an Octopus’ with Janina Emery.  Many wonderful sea-creatures were created, not least this fantastic giant green character with stripey tentacles knitted by Frances aged 12.  Frances finished her octopus just in time for the judging tomorrow – well done Frances, fingers-crossed for you!

Giant Green Stripey Octopus by Frances, aged 12.

An Octopus’ Picnic

As the finale approaches, the entries have been pouring in! Marvel at this beautifully crafted piece of crochet by Delphine Jasmin-Belisle entitled ‘An Octopus’ Picnic’!  One hungry little octopus with curling tentacles devours a leafy-green sandwich astride a piece of fishing-net!  We love the combined sea-creature and sandwich theme. Well done Delphine – what a beauty!

An Octopus’ Picnic by Delphine Jasmin-Belisle.


Pink Salmon Oven Bottom

Just in time for the competition finale on Saturday, we have received this adorable Pink Salmon Oven Bottom hand-crocheted by ‘That Roger’ (Roger K Newton).  Well done and thank you Roger, we will add your crochet creation to the display and look forward to meeting you on Saturday – don’t forget, the display will be unveiled at 1pm!

Crochet Pink Salmon Oven Bottom by Roger K Newton.


Last call for sandwiches…..

Mrs Julia Penniston of bakersfield in Nottingham has got these two little beauties (egg & tomato and cheese & lettuce) just in time! We’ll add these to the display ready for Dr Annie Shaw, chief sandwich judge, to inspect all next Saturday! Not got yours to us yet? There’s just one week to go, and some great prizes to be won! Many thanks Julia!

Egg & Tomato and Cheese & Lettuce by Mrs Julia Penniston of Nottingham.


Gully made by Philly

As the project finale day draws ever closer you knitters are really pulling out all the stops!  Just look at this incredible creation, fondly named Gully, knitted by Philly Collings of Leeds (with a little help from Simon Burgess and his Blue-Peter Badge worthy crafting skills). Gully looked very much at home in the museum courtyard earlier and delighted with his own juicy hamburger sandwich.  A huge thank you to both Philly and Simon, we look forward to seeing you in September when we will return the well-fed Gully to his rightful owners.

‘Gully’ by Philly Collings and Simon A. Burgess



Knitted sardines on toast

Following her wonderfully successful knitting workshops, Angela Knipe has given the project her very own knitted sardines on toast and cucumber sandwich – thank you Angela!  We are delighted that Angela is able to join us for the sandwich finale day on Saturday 15th September, hope to see you all there too!

Knitted sardines on toast and cucumber sandwich by Angela Knipe.