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Journey by the Stars…

Join local artist Rachael Boddington for another fantastic craft workshop the Wednesday (10th April).

Create and decorate your very own Star mobile. Take inspiration from the constellations used by ancient navigators and never got lost again!

Workshop will take place throughout the day 10am-4pm.
Booking not necessary, simply drop in and enjoy.

Normal Museum Admission Price applies.Journey By The Stars


It’s up!

Today we installed the display of knitted sandwiches at the Treasure House Museum, Beverley. Installation went swimmingly thanks to the staff at the Treasure House, and even got a cup of tea!100_6570I hope you all agree that the display looks great!

Afterwards we took the opportunity to have a look around the wonderful exhibits. The building houses the library, archive, museum and art gallery, so there is a lot to see. I thoroughly recommend a visit for anyone who hasn’t been before – and look out for my personal favourite, the leather ostrich!

Easter fun at the Museum

Looking for something to do with the kids this Easter?
Trade & Treasure Poster
Join us on Wednesday 3rd April for ‘Trade and Treasure’, a fun Ship and Canoe Crafting Game presented by award-winning local artist Rachael Boddington of Glittermoth Factory.

Build and decorate your very own boat. Play the game by trading with others for all your long voyage supplies. Perfect for children of all ages.

Workshop will take place throughout the day 10am-4pm – Booking not necessary.
Hope to see you there!

Hello, Bonjour, Ciao, Guten Tag, Hola!

Hi everyone! My names Grace and in January I replaced Holly, whose joined the Scarborough Museums Trust.  I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing her luck (not that she needs it) and success in her new role.

I’ve spent my time since then, getting to grips with all the things Holly (and many of you!) had been up to, and the various bits of work still to be done, as part of the Fish&Ships project. We are also busy planning some events to complement the new exhibition, (Oceans Apart – Canoes of the Pacific , now open!) which I will advertise on here very soon…

Holly mentioned in her last post that she hoped your wonderful knitted creations would go on tour this year and I can tell you that her hopes have come true! The exhibition will be on display at the Treasure House Museum, Beverley from 3rd April – June (

The display at the Treasure House  will be in their Café Case which is a small display area, not surprisingly right near the café – a perfect home for our sandwiches don’t you think?!

This does mean that the case is not the biggest one ever, so unfortunately not all of your creations will be able to go on display. We haven’t decided yet which ones will go on display – they are all so good I can’t pick!

Sophie and myself will be installing the exhibition and I hope to take some photographs to post on here afterwards.

And again, if you know a museum in your area which might be interested then please let us know.  Just call 01947 601900 or email and speak to Pete or Myself.

Happy New Year from the Great Sandwich Pic-Knit!

2012 is set to be full of woolly wonders here at the Captain Cook Memorial Museum.  We’ve already lined up 3 different have-a-go knitting workshops as well as a two-week activity programme called ‘Nets, Knots & Knitting’.  Watch this space for details!

Muffuletta Madness

Sandwiches are loved the world over with every corner of the world dreaming up with its own unique bread-filled offering.  Today, we’ve decided to honour Central Grocery’s muffuletta, originating from the French Quarter of New Orleans in the early 1900s.  A sandwich and a half, the muffuletta is composed of a sturdy round sesame-topped Sicilian bread-roll, similar in texture to focaccia and measuring a whopping 25cm in diameter, sliced in half horizontally and stuffed with a special olive salad (olives, celery, cauliflower and carrot marinated in olive oil for 24 hours) then layers of capicola (dry-cured pork shoulder), salami, pepperoni, ham and emmental and provolone cheeses.  The result has to be seen to be believed, easily feeding a family of four (Central Grocery sells their famous sarnies in quarter and half portions).  Oh yes, and they taste pretty good too.  If anyone manages to knit us one of these thegreatsandwichpicknitwill be one happy knitting project.  Got a favourite exotic sandwich? Let us know about it!

The mighty muffuletta from New Orleans

Wool wonderful wool

An extra special thank you goes out to both Bobbins knitting emporium on Church St, and to Save the Children, Flowergate for generously donating wool for the project launch this Saturday.  Bobbins gave us a bag-load absolutely free whilst Save the Children allowed us to rummage in their store-room for specially selected lettuce-greens and mustard-yellows.   Thanks to the lovely people at these two retailers, we shall have sandwiches a plenty come Saturday!